Monday, May 18, 2009

ABRa'S 10K 15th May 2009

This is the view most other runners have of the Mirdif Milers! Eleven Milers braved the heat of Mina Seyahi to participate in the last race of the Dubai racing season, the ABRa'S 10K on Friday 15th May. Miler results were

1 Chris McCann 37.31 3rd MV40

2 Alistair Allan 39.06

3 Jim Harlock 40.39

4. Graham Spriggs 43.53

5. Hugh Archibald 45.16 3rd MV50

6. Dave Jackson 45.31

7 Anne Scadden 48.30 2nd FV45

8. Sara Connor 51.23

9. Andrew Gregory 51.52

10. Dunkin Scadden 58.33

11. Tom Connor 62.35

This time we were fairly beaten by the ABRa'S in the team event, but we will be back. Once again a certain Mr Murphy was lapped by Chris McCann, getting to be a habit Murph?

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