Saturday, April 21, 2007


If any of you want to find out what running a Ultra feels like then you are welcome to join Martin & Dave on their epic 60K trek across Dubai next Friday. Were going to start at 0400 from UpTown Mirdif School for a trot (and it will be a trot!) through Mizhar, Al Mulla Plaza, Hamiyah port, Corniche, Shindagha, Trade centre to join up with the DCS run and then continue to who knows where until we reach the magic 60K. Plan is then to retire to the Country club and drink Stella! Feel free to join us for all or part of this epic trek!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


The attached photo was received from founding member "Cuban" Pete Larkin. This is probably the first outing for a MM vest in sub zero conditions... However the photographic evidence does not actually show anyone wearing a MM vest, there again you would have to be completely mental to only be wearing a MM vest in those conditions.
So MM vests have now been sighted in Scotland, Switzerland, South Africa...Where next? Jumeriah???


The VC proving that the MM vest travels well!

Starting in the dark at 0620 on a blustery Capetown day the VC set off determined to run his own race for once and not some misguided attempt to run a time. Hence a leisurely trot was the order of the day. The first two or three K were slow due to the sheer numbers of runners on the road and the first 10K passed in just under 1 hour. By then we were running along the Indian Ocean coast through Kalk Bay & Fish Hoek. Eventually after about 30 K we came to the first hill of any note, Chapmans peak. I was determined to run this all the way and helped by the wind on my back I did. On creasting the top I promptly fell over a cats eye! The run down in to Hout Bay was scenic but the wind was almost as much of a hinderance as the gravity assistance was a help!

After seeing the family at Hout Bay I crossed the marathon point in 4-03 and then the wheels fell off! The long 5K walk to the top of Constantia Nek was hot and torrid, but several cups of coke and a ice cream latter the legs decided to function again and i trotted down the far side to finish in a satisfactory 5-38. All in all I can recommend this run to anyone looking for a manageable Ultra and a holiday in a beautiful place.

Congratulations to Marek (4- 48) Jane (5-09) and Margret (6-38) for their runs and just a note to a certain Mr Murphy, Marek and Jane whilst having complied with the MM membership rules given that they have run in Mirdif on a Monday Night chose to run in DCS Vests but will be opening negotiations for their entry into our ever growing team of relay runners shortly.

Now bring on Comrades! Have It!

Monday, April 02, 2007


Our very own Gnome displays his medal.
Your chairman landed at midday and imeadiately headed off to secure a marathon need to worry lots of non runners looking to sell thier numbers back to wandering gnomes from mirdovia!!!!!!Job done it was back to the digs for a chinky and staight to bo bos!!
Rest day on sat and there is snow on the ground and time to buy some slinky running tights very fetching...the chairman always was in touch with his feminine side with the next club polos shirts likely to be pink!!!!
The morning of the match arrives and although no snow today its brass monkeys at 530am on the way to catch the train to the start.
Get off the train and the scarily efficient swiss weigh your chairman and then offload his bag into the numbered railway carriages. Stood alone with 5000 other runners proudly dispaying his respendent club vest the chairman picks the 415 pacemaker as a target!!!!!
Ahead of schedule at 10 and 21 k he runs at under 6mins a k untill hitting the wall at 25 to 32 k....untill refuelling with loads of Pepsi at 34 k and then found a new lease of life the belt past loads of stragglers in the last 7 k running at just over 5minutes a k pace for the last 5k.....just like the night he won the xmas cramp and loads in the tank as he crossed the line!!!!!!!Weird feeling having crawled over the line in dubai and ad 5 times!!!!!!!!
Great event great atmosphere with loads of support on route very flat course and good temperature for running in the end...suggest a milers field trip next easter????
Your Illustrious Chairman Scadds


Our Illustrious chairman scampered to a PB yesterday in the 2007 Zurich Marathon. His splits are below, we await his detailed report and photo's!
3419. Scadden Martin 1967 UAE-Dubai 4:18.42,0 2:10.22,8 (9658) M40 799. 6.07 ¦ 1:02.05 3665.¦ 1:02.34 3677.¦ 1:05.50 3464.¦ 1:08.11 3120.¦

Congratulations to the two further Dubai runners whom competed, Andrea Manetti ran 3-17-54 (Andrea has run with the Milers so we'll claim him for ourselves!)and the astonishing Antonio Di Somma who ran a 2-57-21 at the age of 53. This I might add age grades Antonio at 88% (that is his performance is 88% when compared to the world record for a athlete of his age) anything over 90% is normally considered a world class time. Yes he is that good.