Monday, July 30, 2007


The Milers Club Championship is born. The champion will be the best aggregate time for three races, namely
Dubai Creek Striders 1/2 Marathon
Mirdif Milers 10 Miler
Dubai Road Runners 10K
All times will be age and sex graded using the calculator on
1. All entrants must have run a minimum of three Monday night club runs in the republic of Mirdifovia.
2. Possess the official club kit.
3. Email the VC on of their intention to take part.
4. The VC's word on age & sex grading is Final!
5. If you are only a member of MM's then all three runs must be run in club kit, if you are also a DCS or DRR then the races organised by those clubs should be run in their kit.
A suitable Trophy will no doubt be presented to the winner!

Sunday, July 15, 2007



Having complete five marathons in the UAE in the last seven years the time was right for a bigger goal my fellow comrade in Mirdif told me after some red grape juice one afternoon in the sunny republic at his sons birthday party!!!!!

Comrades Marathon 2007 was scheduled for 17th June which coincided with my 40th Birthday and so the goal was set.

Having looked at the 16 week plan I considered it was doable and so I commenced the regular early morning sessions in Mirdif accompanied by my training partner.

Having run in the marathon in Zurich on April Fools day my plan was coming together and the deadline for entry getting closer in early May. It was then I realised when the flights were booked I was past the point of no return...the ultimate running challenge was on.

Having completed over 1000kms on the road in 4 months along with a brutal 60k run in the high 30s in Dubai I was ready at the end of May for the Taper as the experts say.

I reached the day before the flight and my comrades training partner fell badly sick and was unable to travel so I traveled alone to Durban.

Having relaxed watching cricket, rugby and eating pasta for a day the morning of the race arrived at 130am I joined the other hotel guests who were running for breakfast and then joined then in the mini bus to Pietermariztburg.

With temperatures at the start at 3 or 4 degrees I was glad I had bought my throw away bobble hats and gloves. The cannon went after the cock had crowed and we were off for the eleven hour trot to Durban.

The trick I had been told was to not rush the first 20 k s and walk the up hills and I was only too willing to take this advice.

The atmosphere was great and in particular the encouragement received from all those around you as an international runners was very helpful.

At half way (45 kms) I was very comfortable and although 15 minutes inside the cut off I was confident I could roll down the hills to Durban. When my watch ran out of power with 21 kms to go all I had to do now was ask the time along the way.

The final 10 kms and the finish at the Kingsmeade Cricket Ground was really quite an experience and having finished with a bronze medal in under eleven hours, crossing the line actually just makes you say a want to do it again next year.

The support from family, friends and work colleagues was fantastic and can I just thank all the guys at work in particular Colin Pickering, Malcolm Murphy and Nigel Harvey for there help and support in the lead up to, during and after the event.