Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Friday 07th December saw the 6th running of the Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon which formed the first leg of the Mirdif Milers Club Championship. All official finishing times have been age and sex graded to give the equivilant time should the runner have been a 30 year old male. So whilst Mars Martin might have finished in front of the Ice Queen Anne he actually got his arse kicked! I have left Kirol out of the list for now as I have no idea how old he is!

So the age / sex graded times are as follows

1. Ian Gordon 1-19-46

2. Richard Thomas 1-25-43

3. Anne Scadden 1-26-01

4. Bolly Varley 1-26-40

5. Andrew Gregory 1-30-35

6. Jim Varley 1-32-35

7. Dave Jackson 1-32-50

8. Jo Woods 1-36-27

9. Mars Scadden 1-39-11

10. Malcom Gatenby 1-39-28

11. Graham Rafferty 1-40-26

12. Elaine Forsythe 1-42-47

13. Dave Forsythe 1-47-15

14. Colin Foreman 1-47-16