Monday, November 23, 2009


Please note that this web site is no longer updated, MIRDIF MILERS can be found at

DONUT 10 results were emailed to all participants who registered on line via premier marathons, results will inshahallah be on the MM website on Monday

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


0730 NOVEMBER 20TH 2009


Numbers may be collected at the following venues

1. DRR Saturday 14th November
2. MM Monday 16th November
3. ABRa’S Wednesday 18th November
4. On the day.

Number collection on the day will be at the car park adjacent to the finish (see directions below). Between 0700 – 0720. To collect your number please show confirmation of entry.


The course is virtually traffic free an entirely with the confines of Mushrif Park and consists of a short section on the road followed by three laps of the park on the cycle track. (subject to confirmation!)


The race will be held at Mushrif park, Dubai, past Mirdif on the Al Khawaneej Road. We have a special dispensation to enter the park from 0645 onwards. As no member of the Park department will be on duty a member of the Mirdif Milers will be collecting AED 10 per car at the entrance.

Parking will be at the far end of the entrance road keep going until you reach a T junction, park in the car park in front of you. (Same car park as for the Iftar 5K.) There will be a steward at the entrance of the correct car park.


The race will commence at 0730. Runners who finish in less than 60 minutes will receive a gold medal, less than 75 minutes a Silver medal, all other finishers a Bronze medal. Times will be recorded up to 2 hours, runners finishing in greater than 2 hours will receive a finishers medal but their time will not be recorded on the results. T shirts will be handed out to all finishers at the end of the race.


There will be two water stations positioned approximately 2.5 K apart, the water station at the finish location will distribute water and a isotonic drink, the further water station will distribute water only.


Trophies will be awarded to the overall Male and Female winners. Vouchers will be given to the 2nd & 3rd place male and female finishers.

Teams prizes will be awarded as follows (each team to consist of 5 runners including at least 1 female)

1. The first five members of a running club to cross the finish line under the age of 45 on race day (Winners Open),
2. The second five members of a running club under the age of 45 to cross the finish line (Runners Up, Open )
3. The first five members of a running club to cross the finish line aged 45 or over on race day (Winner, Coffin Dodgers),
4. The Second five members of a running club to cross the finish line aged 45 or over on race day (Runners Up, Coffin Dodgers),

Only runners who have entered their club on the entry form will be eligible for the above purposes. No change of running club will be allowed after entry.

The overall team prize will be given to the first team of five to cross the line regardless of the age category they represent. Any runner over the age of 45 will only count as team member in the over 45 category.

Prize giving will be at the finish area at about 0915.


There are two toilet blocks approximately 400 metres from the finish area.


There will be Donuts available in the finish areas!


Race T shirts will be distributed at the finish, sizes are first come first served.


No refunds will be given if you don’t attend.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Entry to the Donut 10 is now closed as the entry limit of 200 has been reached. To all who have entred thank you for supporting the Mirdif Milers, race instructions will be emailed shortly

Thursday, October 15, 2009

DONUT 10 20th NOVEMBER 2009

Entries are open at for a bargin AED 100. As well as Dubai's best race you will get a techinical T Shirt, a Unique medal and maybe even free donuts. Go on you know it makes sense

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Mirdif Milers new all singing all dancing web site opens soon at

Sunday, July 26, 2009


The Milers boys on tour will this year go to Venice Marathon on the 25th October. If you want to join us hurry as there are just 1200 places left in the event. Details at

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009



Seven Milers traveled to South Africa for Comrades 2009, the standard and quantity of training was different for each runner but the goal was the same, to run the 89 kilometers between Pietermaritzburg & Durban in less than 12 hours. Four of those seven were Comrade Novices and were about to find out just how much it hurts to run 90K. After all the training the “last supper” finally arrived and seven very stuffed Milers went to bed in the hope of getting some sleep.

On the day of the race were all up by 0230 for breakfast at 0300 and on our way to the start by 0330.. The Journey to the start from our hotel in Durban to Pietermaritzburg took over one hour during which the 4 Comrades Novices went quiet as they realized a) Just how far it is from Pietermaritzburg to Durban and b) just how many hills there are along the way! On arrival at the start there was just time to drop our bags and enter the seeded start pens.

At 0515 I was stood in the “C” pen listening to Shosholoza, Chariots of Fire and the famous Comrades Cockerel crow thinking to myself “you can do this Dave, Just do it”, the rest of the Milers were behind me in the “D” pen thinking there own thoughts but I somehow guess they were as apprehensive as me as to what faced us all for the next 9 to 12 hours.

The cannon fired and the field shuffled forward, no chip times in this race so crossing the line as quickly as possible is the order of the day. I crossed the line in about 2 minutes and then ran at the pace of those around me as given the width of the road and the volume of traffic that was the only option. I had a simple game plan, run each 5K split in less than 30 minutes, and pass halfway in the range of 4 hours 10 mins – 4 hours 20 mins.

The first 20K or so of the Comrades Down run are anything but down, I had forgotten just how much the course went up! After 8 – 9K we cleared Pietermaritzburg and ran down Polly Shorts Hill with the sun rising in front of us, it was beautiful and I was feeling good, I began to believe it was MY day. I passed through Camperdown at 27K in 2hours 33 mins, looking good! Kept moving on until we arrived at Inchanga hill, I was still feeling good but made a conscious decision to run / walk the hill to keep something in the bank. Fifty paces run , 50 paces walk all the way to the top, high fives with all the kids form the orphanage at the top, as usual their smiling faces almost broke my heart, they have so little but their smiles light up the world.

Half way at Drummond came up in 4 hours 16 minutes. I stopped just short of the mat to speak to Tristan a young lad who has cerebral palsy and his mum gave me a bottle of partly frozen Energade, boy that tasted good! It was just starting to get hot now but not exactly scorching by Dubai standards.

After half way comes Botha’s hill. This has been my graveyard before but kept to my run walk strategy all the way up, this was the only 5K split which crept above 30 minutes but I was happy with that there was plenty in reverse. As I ran down through Hillcrest my knees began to really hurt, time for the Brufen 600 which was waiting for a moment like this. Five minutes after taking the brufen the pain eased and I was back to the normal aches and pains of Ultra running at the same time the sky clouded over and the temperature dropped.

It was starting to get tough now but the dream burnt brightly in my mind, that Bill Rowan was there in front of me still out of reach but coming closer, oh how I wanted that little bit of worthless metal, sod the pain its relative give me the bloody medal, run Dave run. Fortunately after Hillcrest the real downhill of the down run begins and I found it relatively easy to keep moving along at 5-15 min/K. Winston park at 58K came up in 5-38, still on schedule.

After the long run down Fields hill I hit the long endless flat straight road through Pinetown I have always hated this stretch of the route, but this year I keep moving, keep dreaming, keep smiling I know that once I get over Cowies hill at the end of this endless straight I will be able to see the sea, if I can see the sea the end must be coming.

Run / walk Cowies Hill reach the top at 71K in 6-50, I can see the Sea!!! There is only a half marathon to go, come on Dave ½ marathons are easy so get on with it boy. Around now it begins to dawn on me that I have been overtaking people ever since half way and I’m not aware of many going past me, my addled brain is desperately trying to compute the worse case scenario of if I had to walk to the end from here but that’s far too much like hard work, easier to keep running.

The last cut off point at the 45th Cutting looms into sight in 7-58, 7K to go and one hour to do it in, Now I begin to truly believe and begin to celebrate, anyone who calls out “Go Dubai” gets a huge grin and a clenched fist salute, knowing that I could walk and still finish in under 9 hours is such a relief and no longer do I have to concentrate on keeping to a pace though surreally I begin to speed up!

At last the stadium comes into view, as I enter I’m not aware of anything other than I’ve bloody well done it , I’ve run a sub 9 hour Comrades I’m going to get a Bill Rowan medal…….. f….ing hell how did I do that? The clock shows 8hours 40 minutes as I cross the line with a silent prayer to all who helped and put up with me over the past six months.

I make my way to the international tent where I find official Miler “Groupie” Tom Connor taking photos and Darryl Chiles of the ABRa’S clutching a Silver Medal. Astonishingly Darryl has just run two back to back 3-30 Marathons to finish in 7 hours 29 minutes , this by a man who has only been running for 18 months.

It is no surprise that the next Miler to come into sight is Sara Connor who finishes in 9 hours 22 minutes. Sara has had a fantastic season a win at the Dead Sea and now a Comrades medal, we all wonder just how far this girl can go. I spent the last half of the race looking over my shoulder to see if she was catching me!

Next home is Chris Homann in 9 hours 34 minutes, Chris has probably done the least training of all of us as a result of a combination of injury, work, etc so this is a fantastic effort though of course the man has history with a 7 hours 52 minutes finish back in 1994.

Chris Little trots home in 9 hours 41 minutes, Chris has also battled with injuries, fatigue and lately a “Cyclops” syndrome, still he seems to have seen enough to reach the stadium and more importantly he wore his Milers vest rather than his gay boy white offering.

Fellow Comrades Novice Malcolm Gatenby storms home in 9 hours 58 minutes having in his own words “lost it” after half way. Fortunately Malcolm jumped onto the 10 hour bus and was pulled along whilst waving his hands in the air and learning the words to several Zulu running songs. I fear we have created a monster……. Sorry Sheena.

Coming home together are Martin Scadden and that Traitor Colin Foreman who travels with us but wears a Dubai Creek Striders vest, they finish together in 10 hours 40 minutes having spent the first half of the run “selecting” ladies for their fictional running calendar, anything to keep you distracted boys! The miracle was that Dunkin could actually run at all after his spectacular carbo loading effort. To anyone who has not witnessed this phenomena sign up for 2010 now!

Last miler home is Gavin Loy in 10 hours 49 minutes, as limps into the International tent he heard to mutter “I’ll train for it next time!”. Well we all thought that the 6 week training plan was probably a bit short.

We all stay in the stadium for the drama of the 12 hour cutoff. No open route in this race, at 1730 the Comrades Chairman stands with his back to the oncoming runners and fires the finishing gun, if you haven’t crossed the line you are a DNF regardless. Its cruel, its dramatic and watching those last desperate souls scrambling for the line will live in your memory for ever. The difference between ecstasy and despair can be 1 second.

Other Dubai runners to finish were

Ann Bester 08 hours 44 minutes
Savio Schmitz 08 hours 55 minutes
Marek Szymanek 09 hours 15 minutes
Cath Todd 09 hours 16 minutes
Mike Morris 09 hours 56 minutes
John Young 09 hours 56 minutes
Gigi Young 10 hours 15 minutes

Congratulations to everyone for finishing and thanks to all the wives, husbands, children who put up with us all whilst we pounded the streets for six months and became rather one track in our thinking. Now its time to relax enjoy the food and beer before dare I say it? We start all over again for Comrades 2010.

Monday, May 18, 2009

ABRa'S 10K 15th May 2009

This is the view most other runners have of the Mirdif Milers! Eleven Milers braved the heat of Mina Seyahi to participate in the last race of the Dubai racing season, the ABRa'S 10K on Friday 15th May. Miler results were

1 Chris McCann 37.31 3rd MV40

2 Alistair Allan 39.06

3 Jim Harlock 40.39

4. Graham Spriggs 43.53

5. Hugh Archibald 45.16 3rd MV50

6. Dave Jackson 45.31

7 Anne Scadden 48.30 2nd FV45

8. Sara Connor 51.23

9. Andrew Gregory 51.52

10. Dunkin Scadden 58.33

11. Tom Connor 62.35

This time we were fairly beaten by the ABRa'S in the team event, but we will be back. Once again a certain Mr Murphy was lapped by Chris McCann, getting to be a habit Murph?

Sunday, May 03, 2009


The hard work is done the miles are run, its taper madness time. All that remains is to stay injury & illness free!

The Illustrious Seven Comrade Milers are

No 47785 Sara Connor
No 27241 Malcolm Gatenby
No 31060 Christopher Homann
No 9445 David Jackson
No 27397 Chris Little
No 24333 Gavin Loy
No 40222 Dunkin Scadden

You can track their progress on the day (24th May) at

Monday, April 20, 2009


The Miler Club Champions 2008 / 2009 are Elaine Forsythe & Chris McCann.
Full results for all Milers who completed the requisite four events including a half or full marathon were,

1 Chris McCann 4 points
2 Dave Jackson 8 points
3 Malcolm Gatenby 10 points
4 Graham Spriggs 11 points
5 Andrew Gregory 21 points
6 Jim Varley 22 points
7 Martin Scadden 23 points
8 Dave Forsythe 24 points
9 Chris Homann 24 points
10 Chris Little 29 points


1 Elaine Forsythe 9 points
2 Sara Connor 10 points


The Dead Sea Marathon & Ultra brought the Milers their very first international trophy in the ultra event when Sara Connor lead the Milers home in a fantastic 4 hours - 05 mins - 39 seconds. Congratulations! following Sara home was Chris Little in hard run 04-08 minutes. Dominic Pilkington finished his 3rd marathon in 6 months in 3 hours 56 minutes & Tom Connor completed the 10K in around 51 minutes. Well done to all the Dubai runners who competed.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Another weekend another race, this time around it was the ABRa'S 10K at Mina Seyahi. A fantastic turnout saw over 300 finishers at this well organised event. Milers were to the fore in all age groups and overall winner was Chris McCann in 35 minutes 18 seconds.

Full Miler results were

1st Chris McCann 35-18
6th Alistair Allen 36-07
16th Jim Harlock 37-43 & 1st M40
47th Graham Spriggs 41-38 PB
51st Dave Jackson 42-08 3rd M50 PB
118th Dunkin Scadden 48-22

The photo shows the milers at the moment they realised they had been robbed of the club championship!

Milers were as per the official results 3rd in the team contest but as we all know we won in reality, the first time we have beaten the ABRa'S! Milers were second in the veterans team event. Beside the obvious highlights of having the individual champion, the M40 champion, team champions it is our pleasure to report that a certain Mr Malcom Murphy of DCS fame was lapped by Chris McCann! Thanks to the ABRa'S for organising another top class event.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Yet more good performances from the Milers at the DRR 10K race, as usual Chris McCann lead us home taking 4th place overall. Marcia Adams was 4th overall in the female race and the stand out performance of the day has to be young Brodie Wells, 13 minutes 13 seconds for a lap of Safa Park! It won't be long before he is challenging Chris for the club championship!
It was wonderfull to see so many mini milers joining in, the next generation is coming! Thanks to Graham and his team for a great event.

36:18:00 Chris McCann
42:19:00 Graham Spriggs
43:18:00 Craig Plumb
44:02:00 David Jackson
44:36:00 Chris Little
51:20:00 Dave Forsythe


42:09:00 Marcia Adams
48:22:00 Sara Connor
55:20:00 Elaine Forsythe

13:13 Brodie Wells
17:01 Grace Gatenby
17:04 Michael Spriggs
20:03 Benjamin Plumb
23:11 Isobel Little
29:04 Andrew Pilkington

Monday, March 02, 2009


On the hottest day of the year to date the Mirdif Milers held their 2nd 10 Mile race around Mushrif Park. At the crack of 0833 Dunkin Scadden shouted "Go" and the race was on. All the usual suspects were out and about and it was no surprise to see Neil Tate, Nick Berrill, Chris McCann & Andy Keron in the lead pack. Though less familiar faces to us all amongst the leaders were the new arrivals of Paul Holley and Murphy's new star Anne-Mari Hyryläinen.

As the race went on the temperature seemed to rise ever higher and areas of shade ever less and the "bloody" hill seemed twice as high the second
time around. As Paul Holley wilted in the burning Arabian sun Neil Tate spurred on no doubt by the thought of free DoNuts at the finish carried on to win in a fantastic time of 59 minutes 15 seconds ahead of the wilting Paul Holley who finished in a still very impressive 59-37. First lady home was Anne-Mari Hyryläinen in 8th place overall and 65-38.

The Club Championship went to the ABRa's with a total of 40 points, second were the Mirdif Milers with 101 points just edging out the Dubai Creek Striders who amassed 103 points.

Who knows we may even get the trophy engraved before next's years race!

As always no race would be run without the help and support of friends, families and injured runners! So thank you to all who gave up their time to help support the milers by manning water stations, taking entries, handing out medals etc. Further thanks to Dubai Parks Department for letting us run in the park, Dunkin DoNuts for the post race "fuel", Oasis water & Spinneys for providing liquids for the hot and bothered.

We hope to you all had a wonderful run and that you will all be back for the third running of the Milers 10 Mile race.
Photos of the event can be found by following the link over on the right of the page.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


PosTimeNameClubCatCat pos
10:59:15Neil TaitABRaS ACM401
20:59:37Paul Holley NoneM1
31:00:50Andy KeronABRaS ACM2
41:02:13Chris McCannMirdif MilersM3
51:03:29Jeremy CuranABRaS ACM4
61:03:46Nick BerrilABRaS ACM402
71:04:44Terry HislopDubai Creek StridersM403
81:05:38Anne-Mari HyryläinenDubai Creek StridersF1
91:05:58Gareth MorganMirdif MilersM5
101:06:24Alistair AllanMirdif MilersM6
111:06:57Andy BrooksABRaS ACM404
121:07:08 Andrew NeilsonNoneM7
131:07:23Sean StewartAbu Dhabi StridersM8
141:07:48Emma PhillipsABRaS ACF2
151:08:05Darryl ChilesABRaS ACM9
161:08:11Euca S. BolingotDubai Road RunnersM10
171:08:20Scott JervisDubai Road RunnersM405
181:08:41Phillip ClarkeABRaS ACM11
191:09:02Antonio Di SommaDubai Creek StridersM501
201:09:39Anna BerrilABRaS ACF3
211:10:30Marcia AdamsMirdif MilersF4
221:11:05Karl StreetDubai Creek StridersM406
231:11:16Jon PageDubai Creek StridersF5
241:11:55 Gil Madrid Dubai Creek StridersM12
251:12:26Sean PitchforthDubai Road RunnersM407
261:12:38Malcolm GatenbyMirdif MilersM408
271:12:45MarekSzymanekDubai Creek StridersM409
281:12:50Alan McIntyre Dubai Creek StridersM502
291:13:13Amanda PetersABRaS ACF6
301:14:12Tracey WatsonNoneF401
311:14:26Dave JacksonMirdif MilersM503
321:14:41Chris HomannMirdif MilersM13
331:14:48Julie RayfieldABRaS ACF7
341:15:13Tony McGuireMirdif MilersM14
351:16:10Jim VarleyMirdif MilersM15
361:16:14Kiyohiko INOUENoneM504
371:16:26Valerie EveloyAbu Dhabi StridersF8
381:16:51Ian GordonDubai Creek StridersM505
391:16:52Keith ThomsonDubai Creek StridersM506
401:17:13John YoungDubai Creek StridersM4010
411:17:46Diarmuid O'MalleyNoneM16
421:18:54Chris LittleMirdif MilersM17
431:20:01Debbie PowellABRaS ACF9
441:20:04Gigi YoungDubai Creek StridersF402
451:20:07Robert WortmannDubai Road RunnersM4011
461:20:18Sarah DahabiyehDubai Creek StridersF10
471:20:22Hassan Dahabiyeh Dubai Creek StridersM507
481:20:36Euan LloydDubai Road RunnersM18
491:21:32Sara ConnorMirdif MilersF11
501:22:01Dominic PilkingtonMirdif MilersM4012
511:22:20Tom Burgess Dubai Road RunnersM508
521:22:45Michael NugentNoneM4013
531:23:50Wouter KingmaNoneM19
541:23:56Jeremy Smith NoneM20
551:24:21Christopher DubrantNoneM21
561:24:34Mark ThomsonNoneM22
571:24:50James SimpsonNoneM4014
581:25:05Shazza HusseyMirdif MilersF12
591:25:07Andrew GregoryMirdif MilersM509
601:25:19Colin Foreman Mirdif MilersM23
611:26:03Janet AndersonABRaS ACF403
621:26:16Kerry BaggottNoneM24
631:26:49Phil DunelleABRaS ACM25
641:26:51Kevin BirchABRaS ACM26
651:26:59Andrew HudsonMirdif MilersM5010
661:27:03Kevin OneillNoneM27
671:27:44Sarah FrostNoneF13
681:27:50Dave ForsytheMirdif MilersM4015
691:28:05Nick DingleMirdif MilersM28
701:28:12Madhusmita Jena Dubai Creek StridersF14
711:28:30Robert BennetDubai Road RunnersM29
721:28:52Nicola SimpsonNoneF404
731:30:03Monique StrangeDubai Road RunnersF15
741:30:04Bart WilmsNoneM30
751:30:27Gary WellsMirdif MilersM4016
761:31:05Stuart BirchMirdif MilersM31
771:31:24Lesley JonesNoneF16
781:31:34Heidi AtkinsDubai Road RunnersF17
791:32:21Nora IsmagilovaDubai Creek StridersF18
801:34:44Nicky GarwoodDubai Creek StridersM4017
811:35:34Vicki BennetDubai Road RunnersF405
821:35:51Brian KirmanNoneM5011
831:36:24Elaine ForsytheMirdif MilersF406
841:37:23Yousef TuqanDubai Road RunnersM32
851:38:00Marie DesrochesNoneF19
861:38:36Benjamin van Rooyen NoneM4018
871:38:55Osamu Setoyama Dubai Creek StridersM33
881:39:04Ahmed ZakiDubai Creek StridersM5012
891:40:25Jody ToghillNoneF20
901:40:58Shirley MilneDubai Creek StridersF21
911:41:29Lynne WardenABRaS ACF22
921:41:37Rebecca JanawayDubai Creek StridersF407
931:41:48Boudewijn BartholomeeusenNoneM34
941:43:44Annette LambNoneF23
951:43:53Jayne ThurleyDubai Creek StridersF408
961:45:05Carol LiebrechtNoneM35
971:45:07Richard Williams NoneM36
981:46:15Ziyad RahimNoneM37
991:49:15Kala GurungDubai Creek StridersF24
1001:49:30Emer HayesAbu Dhabi StridersF409
1011:52:56Natalie VanCleaveMirdif MilersF25
1021:52:58Cathy OgurDubai Road RunnersF26
1031:55:11Ruth MackayNoneF27
1041:58:39Gayatri ViswanathanNoneF28
1051:59:41A KumarDubai Road RunnersM4019
1062:04:06Judy MarianuDubai Creek StridersF29

PosNameClub Pts
1Neil TaitABRaS AC A1
3Andy KeronABRaS AC A2
5Jeremy CuranABRaS AC A3
6Nick BerrilABRaS AC A4
11Andy BrooksABRaS AC A5
14Emma PhillipsABRaS AC A640
15Darryl ChilesABRaS AC B7
18Phillip ClarkeABRaS AC B8
20Anna BerrilABRaS AC B9
29Amanda PetersABRaS AC B10
33Julie RayfieldABRaS AC B11
43Debbie PowellABRaS AC B12158
61Janet AndersonABRaS AC C13
63Phil DunelleABRaS AC C14
64Kevin BirchABRaS AC C15
91Lynne WardenABRaS AC C16
13Sean StewartAbu Dhabi Striders A1
37Valerie EveloyAbu Dhabi Striders A2
100Emer HayesAbu Dhabi Striders A3
7Terry HislopDubai Creek Striders A1
8Anne-Mari HyryläinenDubai Creek Striders A2
19Antonio Di SommaDubai Creek Striders A3
22Karl StreetDubai Creek Striders A4
23Jon PageDubai Creek Striders A5
24 Gil Madrid Dubai Creek Striders A6103
27MarekSzymanekDubai Creek Striders B7
28Alan McIntyre Dubai Creek Striders B8
38Ian GordonDubai Creek Striders B9
39Keith ThomsonDubai Creek Striders B10
40John YoungDubai Creek Striders B11
44Gigi YoungDubai Creek Striders B12216
46Sarah DahabiyehDubai Creek Striders C13
47Hassan Dahabiyeh Dubai Creek Striders C14
70Madhusmita Jena Dubai Creek Striders C15
79Nora IsmagilovaDubai Creek Striders C16
80Nicky GarwoodDubai Creek Striders C17
87Osamu Setoyama Dubai Creek Striders C18409
88Ahmed ZakiDubai Creek Striders D19
90Shirley MilneDubai Creek Striders D20
92Rebecca JanawayDubai Creek Striders D21
95Jayne ThurleyDubai Creek Striders D22
99Kala GurungDubai Creek Striders D23
106Judy MarianuDubai Creek Striders D24570
16Euca S. BolingotDubai Road Runners A1
17Scott JervisDubai Road Runners A2
25Sean PitchforthDubai Road Runners A3
45Robert WortmannDubai Road Runners A4
48Euan LloydDubai Road Runners A5
51Tom Burgess Dubai Road Runners A6202
71Robert BennetDubai Road Runners B7
73Monique StrangeDubai Road Runners B8
78Heidi AtkinsDubai Road Runners B9
81Vicki BennetDubai Road Runners B10
84Yousef TuqanDubai Road Runners B11
102Cathy OgurDubai Road Runners B12489
105A KumarDubai Road Runners C13
4Chris McCannMirdif Milers A1
9Gareth MorganMirdif Milers A2
10Alistair AllanMirdif Milers A3
21Marcia AdamsMirdif Milers A4
26Malcolm GatenbyMirdif Milers A5
31Dave JacksonMirdif Milers A6101
32Chris HomannMirdif Milers B7
34Tony McGuireMirdif Milers B8
35Jim VarleyMirdif Milers B9
42Chris LittleMirdif Milers B10
49Sara ConnorMirdif Milers B11
50Dominic PilkingtonMirdif Milers B12242
58Shazza HusseyMirdif Milers C13
59Andrew GregoryMirdif Milers C14
60Colin Foreman Mirdif Milers C15
65Andrew HudsonMirdif Milers C16
68Dave ForsytheMirdif Milers C17
69Nick DingleMirdif Milers C18379
75Gary WellsMirdif Milers D19
76Stuart BirchMirdif Milers D20
83Elaine ForsytheMirdif Milers D21
101Natalie VanCleaveMirdif Milers D22